Cangshan S1 Series 17-Piece Knife Block Set Review in 2022

Cangshan S1 Series 17-Piece Knife Block Set Review in 2024

Do you want a decent set of knives in which sharpness, durability, and appearance are all key considerations? But how can you choose from the vast range of options? If you want a knife block set that is functional, durable, and attractive, you should get the Cangshan S1 Series 1022599 German Steel Forged 17-Piece Knife Block Set right away.

Cangshan is well-known for producing high-quality cutlery and culinary equipment. The material selections, design, user experience, reliability, and convenience of its products are all important to the brand. The Cangshan S1 Knife Set is one of the brand’s best-selling items. The German steel utilized in the manufacture of these knives has a Rockwell hardness of 56.

But the question is, why did we propose this unit as the best option for you? To find out the answer, read our article. I hope this Cangshan S1 Series 17-Piece Knife Block Set review has given you a thorough understanding of the product. So let’s get started.

Where are Cangshan Knives made?

Yangjiang, China, is the home of Cangshan knives as Cangshan is the name of both a mountain in southern China and the little city where the founder was born. These knives are made in China and employ either German or Swedish steel, depending on the brand.

What I admire about this brand is that it is proudly created in China. Many other firms are attempting to distance themselves from the fact that their products are manufactured in China, but this company owns the claim and their reputation benefits as a result.

Why Buy the Cangshan S1 Series 17 Piece Knife Set?

Why Buy the Cangshan S1 Series 17 Piece Knife Set

There are several knife sets on the market right now, but none compare to the Cangshan S1 Knife Set. When you compare it to other top-tier models on the market, it is easy to see why it is superior. Its iconic presence and efficiency have made it especially notable.

Not only that, but it is far ahead of the competition in terms of guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort at work that’s why I highly recommend you to buy this set.

This Cangshan S1 Series 17 Piece knife set provides the best value for your money due to its convenience, compactness, exquisite design, ease of handling, and durability.

If you’re looking for a collection of knives rather than a single blade, this 17-piece set is worth a look. It not only comes with almost every blade you could possibly need, but it also comes with a walnut knife block for storage. Every blade in the collection has its own dedicated slot, making it simple and easy to organize all of your knives after they’ve been washed.

Expert bladesmiths hand sharpens and hand polishes the knives, making it an excellent choice for people new to the knife market seeking a diverse assortment of knives.


Specification Table:

Brand Cangshan
Color White
Blade Material Alloy Steel
Blade Edge Straight
Item Dimensions  LxWxH 11.5 x 9.5 x 16.5 inches
Item Weight 16.12 pounds
Block Material Walnut Wood
No. of knives 17

Cangshan 17 Piece Knife Set – Review:

This is a knife set that you will fall in love with at first glance because of its beautiful design. This knife set is available in a variety of configurations with various blade combinations. This set has 17 knives, and it is likely that you will not need any other knives besides those included in this set. And, of course, the walnut block secures the blades while also protecting them.

When I bought this set I was blown away by how well they worked. I have no regrets about purchasing it. The quality is outstanding. The weight in your hand is excellent – solid and extremely easy/comfortable to hold. The edge is quite sharp.

I haven’t had any rust or corrosion issues, but I keep everything clean and dry (the instructions mentioned this as well when I read them). My only minor complaint is that the scissors slot on the knife block does not have a cut out for the pivot protrusion on the scissors themselves, so if they are pushed in one direction, they sit flat, but if they are pushed in the other, they sit off-center. It may appear to be a minor issue, but overall, this S1 Knife series is an excellent knife collection, and you get a lot of Knives for a low price.

Cangshan 17 Piece Knife Set - Review

Cangshan “17Piece” Knife Block Set includes:

  • 8” Chef’s Knife,
  • 8” Bread Knife,
  • 7” Santoku Knife,
  • 6” Boning Knife,
  • 5” Utility Knife,
  • 5” Tomato Knife,
  • 5” Paring Knife,
  • 75” Peeling Knife,
  • 6pcs 5” Steak Knives,
  • 8” Honing Steel,
  • Forged 9” Kitchen Shears

Cangshan 17 Piece Knife Set- Features:

1. Materials and Blade – Solid and Strong German Steel Forged Cangshan Blades:

Cangshan’s S1 series knife sets are made entirely of German steel. This steel is well-known for its exceptional hardness (HRC 56) and solidity. As a result, the blades slice through food with amazing ease and consistency. Because of the 6-stage heat-treatment procedure, its blades have a relatively stable internal structure.

2. Design – Patented Cangshan knife Block:

Design - Patented Cangshan knife Block

Cangshan knives have a distinct design that improves their applicability and convenience of usage. This knife set has a very appealing design. This set is based on the color white. Its blades are creamy in tone, with an ash white handle. Its excellent wooden container has contributed significantly to the elegance of the knives. This entire ensemble exudes minimalism while maintaining a high level of elegance.

3. Handle – Ergonomic for Comfortable Gripping:

This set’s design places a strong emphasis on handle ergonomics. This, in turn, contributes to a pleasant grip that is strong and stable enough for various hand sizes. The best part about the handles is that they allow you to hold the knife for extended periods of time without stressing your muscles.

Furthermore, for injury prevention and safety issues, this ergonomics handle is ideal for preventing ergonomic abrupt injury and allowing it to be a long-term effective organization.

4. Performance:

The knives’ high quality and craftsmanship ensure that they cut precisely and efficiently, offering the user a sensitive and refined tactile experience that enhances and augments their abilities and method.

5. Sharpness:

Cangshan 17 Piece Knife Set Sharpness

The knives’ blades slice into food with ease and precision. The knives are sharp and provide a pleasant experience when used for your daily cutting needs in the kitchen. Its full tang forged steel blades have a longer lifespan because of their hardness and edge retention. As a result, you won’t have to bother about sharpening the blades as often.

6. Durability:

Cangshan’s Ultra6 heat treatment technique, which is used in the production of these blades, was invented by the company. The purpose of this precision procedure is to increase the hardness and durability of the steel blades.

7. The Edge:

Heat treatment guarantees that all knives are hard enough to take a sharp 16-degree edge while remaining strong enough to maintain the edge throughout intensive kitchen use. It took three years of development and research to construct. The ULTRA6 heat treatment enhances the steel’s greatest qualities and improves the blade’s ability to take a razor-sharp edge.

8. Solid Woodblock:

Cangshan 17 Piece Knife Set - Solid Woodblock

The knife set includes a walnut wood block with a unique design and exceptional compactness. The most notable feature of the block is that each one is independently handcrafted. So the result is that no block has a grain that is similar to any other block. Not only that, but it is far ahead of the competition in terms of guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort at work.

The walnut wood block helps a lot in organizing your kitchen work area. You can also add your initials to the block to make it more personal. Each knife has its own slot on the block, ensuring the security and safety of the knives.

Cangshan 17 Piece Knife Set – User Experience:

When it comes to user experience, this is now one of the top options for people. And why shouldn’t they? It has developed nearly all types of knives that are all required for use.

They have remarked that the blades are useful because of their ease of use, easy handling, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. Users have also noticed that the blades are simple to clean by hand and so inexpensive to maintain. Some users have stated that the knives are simple to cut right out of the box.

Furthermore, its style and other features set it apart from other versions on the market. As a result, this intriguing knife set has gained a strong following.

watch this video of a user review to get a better idea about this knife set.

Cangshan 17 Piece Knife Set- Pros and Cons:

  • The steel’s tiny grain composition contributes to the blade’s toughness, making it difficult to chip or scratch.
  • They are full tang; manufactured of a single sheet of steel, triple-riveted, and ideally balanced to assist eliminate wrist fatigue.
  • This uniquely designed set is skillfully made. It is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty for users.
  • This set has all of the knives required in the kitchen. It includes all of the knives you’ll need for meal preparation in the kitchen, including paring knives, boning knives, a chef knife, and honing blades.
  • Because of their extreme sharpness, the knives should be handled with extreme caution.
  • This is a huge knife block that would be out of place in a small kitchen.



Cangshan Vs Henckels:

I will go into detail about the differences between Henckels and Cangshan in this comparison. You’ll discover how their knives compare in terms of materials, design, sharpness, and price.

Cangshan Vs Henckels

Material of the Blade:

Cangshan manufactures its blades with three steel types: German X50CrMov15, Japanese VG10, and Swedish Sandvik® steel. The Japanese VG10 steel is harder than the German X50CrMov15 steel, while Swedish steel is in the middle, meant to be durable, chip-resistant, and hard enough to achieve a Rockwell hardness value of 60.

Henckels only utilizes one high-quality steel for their knives: X50CrMoV15 German stainless steel (the same steel Cangshan uses for several collections). This steel has a carbon content of.5%, a chromium content of 15%, a molybdenum content of 8.8%, and a vanadium content of.2%. Each element contributes to hardness, edge retention, or stain resistance.

Material of the Handle:

Cangshan employs a variety of materials, including five different types of wood — Acacia, Walnut, Teak, Ashwood, or African Blackwood — as well as patented designs that include plastic or metal.

For producing blades, Henckels focuses on two fundamental, dependable materials. The majority of its collections include handles constructed of tough, moisture-resistant black Polyoxymethylene (a type of plastic).


Cangshan truly prioritizes design in its branding and image. The company offers 17 different unique or patent-pending knife designs with a choice of handle materials. Cangshan’s collections include full-bolstered knives, such as those in the TS and S1 collections, as well as half-bolstered knives, such as those in the Thomas Keller collection.

Henckels is less concerned with design variation, but this isn’t always a bad thing. This brand, in particular, is known for its emphasis on quality and functionality, which is typical of its traditional, German heritage. The black POM handles with a complete tang and three exposed rivets are seen on the majority of Henckels’ collections.


Cangshan sharpens its knives to a 16-degree angle, while Henckels sharpens them to a 15-degree angle on both sides. As a result, Henckel knives are slightly sharper than Cangshan knives, but only marginally.


Cangshan and Henckels are neither exceptionally pricey, especially when compared to brands such as Wusthof, Zwilling, or Shun. Cangshan, on the other hand, tends to be the more expensive, owing to its emphasis on forged rather than stamped blades. The actual price ranges will vary based on the collection and retailer, so search around before making a decision.

Which is better?

At the end of the day, the best brand for you will be determined by your cooking preferences and requirements. Cangshan knives are slightly larger than Henckel’s models, making them more suitable for large hands.

The brand also has a variety of lines and collections to pick from, so whether you have a modest or large budget, you’ll be able to find the ideal models for you.

Henckel’s models, on the other hand, are more premium, but they are also a bit smaller, therefore they are not advised for those with large hands.

Cangshan S1 Series FAQs

Are Cangshan knives high quality?
Yes, Cangshan Knives are crafted of high-quality German steel and are expected to survive for at least 40 years. Even though some of these knives have been used in professional kitchens all over the world and are well-known for their design, they must be kept sharp and clean.
Are Cangshan knives full tang?
Yes, the S1 series blades are created with a full tang of German steel, a superbly robust and sharp material that will last and help you deliver razor-sharp and stable slices.
What angle are Cangshan knives?
All Cangshan knives are sharpened to a 16-degree angle and it is the best angle for sharpening all Cangshan knives.
Are Cangshan knives made in China?
Yangjiang, China, is the home of Cangshan knives. In that part of the world, this is a major hub for knife producers. Dalstrong, Zeolite, and several other knife brands are available in that city. According to some, Yangjiang has around 1500 knife producers.



There are several knife sets on the market right now, but none compare to the Cangshan S1 Knife Set. It stands out due to its attractive design, compactness, robustness, superb handles, and durability. It will surely provide you with the best service in satisfying all of your requirements.

I hope this Cangshan 17 Piece Knife Set review has helped you to decide whether this knife set is good for you or not.