Ceramic Pocket Knives - Best Ceramic Pocket Knives to Consider

Ceramic Pocket Knives – Best Ceramic Pocket Knives to Consider

Ceramic Pocket knives are considered more effective than steel knives for one fact that they DO NOT rust. Ceramic knives require less frequent sharpening and are easier to handle as well. However, they are not strong enough to cut through bones or large pieces of meat. Ceramic knives are great as Pocket knives but cannot be used as kitchen knives. They can be used for lighter uses such as cutting or peeling fruits and vegetables.

When ceramic knives are being discussed, it is often asked “Are ceramic knives good knives?”. The answer is ceramic knives are definitely good but not as reliable as steel knives. Ceramic blades are lighter in weight and harder than steel. However, their durability and goodness depend on what purpose do you use them for. Ceramic knives are great for cutting, slicing, or peeling fruits or vegetables but for heavier kitchen use, you’ll need steel knives.

It won’t be wrong to say that ceramic pocketknives are actually designed to keep in your pocket and carry around. They are easily foldable which makes them completely safe to carry and use when needed. In this article, we’re going to talk specifically about the ceramic pocketknives and what best options you have for them!

What is a Pocket Knife?

What is a Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are basically small, foldable knives that easily fit in your pocket. These knives may have one or more blades, depending upon the type of knife and what duties they offer. Typically, the blade length of a pocketknife is 5 to 15 centimeters.

Can a Metal Detector Detect a Ceramic Knife?

No. Metal detectors usually detect things containing steel such as guns and steel knives. But ceramic and plastic weapons cannot be detected by the metal detectors.

Best Ceramic Pocket Knives

Despite their strength of compression, ceramics have low tensile strength. Considering their fragile nature, their use as a tool would seem impractical. However, manufacturers of knife blades use ceramics very different from those used in figurines, which have a brittle, clay-based substance.

Ceramic pocketknives do a great job anyway. The blades of ceramic knives are hardened at high heat by zirconium dioxide ceramics reacting with oxygen. After sharpening the blade, skilled workers coat it in diamond dust to make it razor sharp. Hence, they go a long way without even needing to be sharpened again.

Here are some of the very best ceramic pocket knives that we’ve shortlisted for our readers to help them find the best suitable for their needs.

  1. Boker Plus Anti-MC Folding Knife
  2. Schrade SCH405 5.6in Ceramic Folding Knife
  3. Cool Hand 2.75” Ceramic Liner Lock Pocket Folding Knife
  4. Off-Grid Knives – Rhino EDC Knife – D2 Tool Steel Folding Knife
Image Product & Features Ratings Price
Boker Plus Anti-MC Boker Plus Anti-MC

  • Fits easily inside your pocket
  • High-tech ceramic material used in the manufacture
  • Smooth and resistant to scratches
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Schrade SCH405 5.6in Schrade SCH405 5.6in

  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Security liner lock prevents the knife from slipping
  • Well balanced knife
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Cool Hand 2.75'' Ceramic Liner Lock Cool Hand 2.75” Ceramic Liner Lock

  • Has a tip-down pocket clip and a lanyard hole
  • Handle made of CNC-machined black G10
  • 10x razor sharpness than steel
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Rhino EDC Knife - D2 Rhino EDC Knife – D2

  • Razor-sharp right out of the box
  • TINI coating of the blade increases durability
  • Perfect for camping trips or as a tactical tool
  • Remarkable edge retention
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1. Boker Plus Anti-MC Folding Knife

Boker Plus Anti-MC Folding Knife with 3-14 in

ABOUT – With its unique combination of materials, it holds a unique position in the knife market. Designed by the world’s leading high-tech ceramic manufacturer, the blade is totally non-magnetic, has outstanding edge retention, and is corrosion-resistant. Its titanium handle with an integrated frame lock mechanism is made lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Definitely, one to look out for! Lanyard and pocket clip included for easy handling.


  • The knife is pretty thin and fits in your pocket easily. Also, it feels super comfortable to use.
  • The ceramic blade of the knife keeps its sharpness for a long period of time and does not require any maintenance.
  • Since ceramic and titanium are non-reactive, they make it a great knife for cutting and slicing fruit. It is smooth and resistant to scratches.
  • It is really small. You won’t even know it’s there inside your pocket!


Manufacturer Boker
Overall Length 7.75 inches
Cutting Edge 3.12 inches
Blade Length 3.25 inches
Blade Material Ceramic
Handle Length 4.5 inches
Handle Material Titanium
Edge Type Plain


  • The blade is made of high-tech ceramic material
  • A small knife that easily fits in your pocket
  • Highly durable and has an improved strength
  • Design that seeks to fulfill a purpose using efficiency and simplicity.
  • Not a camping knife
  • Cannot be used as a heavy-duty kitchen knife


2. Schrade SCH405 5.6in Ceramic Folding Knife

Schrade SCH405 5.6in Ceramic Folding Knife with 2.4in

ABOUT – With its 5.6-inch folded length and 2.4-inch drop point, the Schrade SCH405 Ceramic Folding Knife presents top-of-the-line properties. This model is black, ceramic knives, ceramic blades, and carbon fiber.


  • With a ceramic blade and carbon fiber handle, this blade is highly durable.
  • A handy pocket clip and quick access make it ideal for everyday use.
  • With the security of the liner lock, you will never have to worry about the blade slipping.
  • There is a thumb hole on this knife so you can open it quickly.
  • Originally from the USA.


Manufacturer Schrade
Overall Length 5.6 inches
Blade Length 2.4 inches
Blade Material Ceramic
Blade Color Black
Handle Length 3.2 inches
Handle Material Carbon Fiber
Handle Color Black
Edge Type Plain


  • Pocket friendly knife with ahigh quality build
  • Does not require sharpening for at least six months
  • Well balanced knife with a sharp cutting edge
  • Does not feel heavy in the pocket
  • There is a small flaw in the polish on the edge


3. Cool Hand 2.75” Ceramic Liner Lock Pocket Folding Knife

Cool Hand 2.75'' Ceramic Liner Lock Pocket Folding Knife

ABOUT – The high hardness of ceramic blades makes them fragile, so they cannot be used to pry or cut materials that are hard. With that being said, this cool hand knife having a blade with a thickness of 0.087″ can handle most cutting tasks.

Because it has a tip-down pocket clip and a lanyard hole, it is adaptable for different styles of carrying. A great backup, but if you like it that much and want it to be your EDC, you can do that too. All you have to do is just re-sharpen it a bit more.


  • The bamboo handle has an aggressive texture made of CNC-machined black G10.
  • Features a polished black ceramic blade that is non-metallic and non-magnetic, as well as an ambidextrous thumb stud.
  • Comes with a lanyard hole for different carrying options.
  • In comparison with steel, its blade will keep its razor sharpness at least 10 times longer.
  • Long durable and efficient knife, imported from the USA.


Manufacturer Cool Hand
Overall Length 6.5 inches
Blade Length 2.75 inches
Blade Material Ceramic
Blade Color Patterned black
Handle Length 3.75 inches
Handle Material Carbon Fiber
Handle Color Grey
Edge Type Plain


  • An amazing backup pocketknife with a secure liner lock
  • Light in weight and easily portable
  • Pretty much easy to sharpen and maintain
  • Suitable for most of the cutting tasks
  • A bit fragile


4. Off-Grid Knives – Rhino EDC Knife – D2 Tool Steel Folding Knife

Off-Grid Knives - Rhino EDC Knife - D2 Tool Steel Folding Knife G10 Scales

ABOUT – Rough-use tools such as the Rhino are designed for rough use. In many respects, D2 is similar to stainless steel, offering exceptional corrosion resistance, edge retention, and wear resistance. In the tumbled blackwash finish, any ‘wear & tear’ is hidden, and the steel becomes non-reflective. Rhino is ready to go out of the box and to be put to immediate use.


  • The OGK Rhino delivers razor-sharp cutting out of the box with its Clip Point blade shape, so you don’t need to sharpen it in between cuts.
  • Blades with TINI coating increase durability and are extremely resistant to scratches and peels. Also, they keep a low profile while working.
  • This ergonomic handle features a G10 scale with a CNC milled pattern for a solid grip, a flipper tab finger guard, and just enough texture for a solid grip. It fits large and extra-large hands with ease.
  • This knife is perfect for camping trips or as a tactical tool. Whether you use it for hunting or camping, the Rhino suits very well everyone including members of the military, law enforcement, the coast guard, federal agents, firemen, first responders, hunters, campers, and hikers.


Manufacturer Off-Grid Knives
Overall Length 8.25 inches
Blade Length 3.50 inches
Blade Material Alloy Steel
Blade Color Black
Handle Length 4.55 inches
Handle Material Fiberglass
Handle Color Black
Edge Type Plain


  • Designed to be used as a rough tool
  • Has a remarkable edge retention
  • All hand sizes are accommodated by the ergonomic grip
  • It comes sharp and ready-to-use right out of the box
  • Perfect to carry for camping trips
  • Because of the knife’s clip placement, it gets a bit awkward to open up quickly


Qualities of a Good Ceramic Pocket Knife

As there are hundreds of different kinds of pocket knives, it is important to know the qualities of a good ceramic pocketknife. Every pocketknife could not be as great as it should be. Hence, ceramic pocketknives need to be identified according to their build, quality, sharpness, and efficiency.

Here are some qualities that define a good ceramic pocketknife.

  1. It must be ergonomically designed.
  2. It must belong durable without requiring frequent sharpening.
  3. It must be capable of being used ambidextrously.
  4. Its design and build must be sturdy enough to withstand everyday use.

Is Ceramic Knife Right for You?

To decide if the ceramic knife is right for you totally depends on your type of need. For the smallest kitchen uses such as dicing, peeling, or slicing fruits and vegetables, ceramic knives would work great. But for heavy-duty kitchen tasks, especially for cutting through meat and bones, you would need steel knives instead of ceramic knives.

This is because ceramic knives are not suitable for all kinds of kitchen tasks. Cutting with ceramic knives is an excellent option for those who frequently chop and dice in the kitchen and are not interested in the hassle of sharpening metal blades.

A ceramic knife’s brittleness makes it unsuitable to cut bones or frozen items, so it isn’t a suitable alternative to metal kitchen knives in most houses. However, they are great for dicing fruits and vegetables and are easy to maintain, which makes them a great complement to high carbon steel knives.

Are ceramic pocketknives legal?

Yes. Ceramic pocketknives are illegal in most of the countries of the world. Any knife or blade that may work as a weapon and could be dangerous and life-threatening, is illegal. The same goes for ceramic pocket knives. Although they are non-detectable by the metal detectors, they are still illegal to carry around.

To read further about the ceramic knives, you may visit Here.

Our Verdict

We have tried our best to put forward the information about some of the best ceramic pocket knives available for our readers. Before you make a purchase, we recommend you identify your type of need for a ceramic knife and then go for the one most suitable for you.