Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Knife Review in 2021

Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Knife Review in 2024

SRK by cold steel is one of the most favorite knives of all time because of its sharpness, toughness, and also affordable prices. This SRK cold steel knife is a must in your survival kit.

The best thing about this knife is that is used by the US military and other special forces like the US navy seals. The US navy seal uses this knife in their basic underwater seal training that shows the competence of this knife.

But there are some people that still doubt about the Cold Steel SRK that if they will be worth it so, we decided that let’s write a detailed review on this knife. So, here we are:

Brand Cold Steel
Color SK-5 Steel
Dimensions 13 x 3 x 2 inches
Weight 0.85 lbs
Material Carbon Steel
Shape Clip Point
Edge Plain
Rating 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon

Handle and Ergonomics

The handle is one of the most important parts of the knife because if the handle is not good then you can’t hold the knife but the handle of the SRK knife is made with the Kraton which is very high-quality plastic.

The handle has a very thick texture that makes sure that you have a firm grip while you are using this knife and even your hands are wet with sweat. There is a finger guard on the end of the handle that is to place your hand in the right place.

There are some handles that are not comfortable and when you hold or use them for a long time they cause fatigue to your hand but the design of the SRK handle is ergonomic which means it is comfortable and causes less fatigue.

The ergonomic design of the handle is not very common among all knives but because the SRK is the top-notch brand that is why they care about your comfort. There is one thing you should know before buying that the handle sometimes got loose from the blade.

This is after the heavy chopping of the knife otherwise it would work smoothly and if it loses you can use the epoxy in it.

Sheath and Carry Options

Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Knife Sheath and Carry Options

The great thing about the sheath is that it protects your knife when you are not using it. It is mostly made of leather and if we go some years back the sheath of the Cold steel was also made of leather then they changed it.

Now the sheath of the knife is made with the molded plastic which is very rough and tough to use. The sheath of the knife is very lightweight so, you don’t have to bear the weight of the sheath.

The sheath has straps and a button that allows you to carry the knife with yourself wherever you go. This is the simplest and easy way to carry it with you. The loop is made of Nylon which is very sturdy and tough.

It won’t break in the hard weather conditions and very durable that will go with you for more than one decade. The knife fits perfectly in the sheath and allows you to bring it out smoothly when you want to use it.

The sheath of Cold Steel SRK provides many easy-to-carry options for its users.


The above are the main features of the Cold Steel SRK knife but there are also some other features that we’ll cover here:

San Mai

This term is used for the harder steel or we can say three-layered steel. The San Mai is the form of steel that is very hard and usually used in very hardcore tools like knives. This SRK knife is made with harder steel that means it has a very strong blade that can easily cut anybody’s throat.


As we said before that it is made of very hard three-layered steel, which is why it is very hard. The steel makes it very sharp which means that it is perfect for the purpose it is made. You can easily cut the small sticks of wood when you are out hunting.

Cold Steel SRK Knife Razor-sharp

Hollow grind

The hollow grind is the technique that is used to weaker the edge of the blade because more thin the edge of the blade will be it will cut things more efficiently. The best example of this is your shaving blades they are very sturdy from behind but very weak from the front edge so, they can cut the hairs well.

Well Made

We have to appreciate the Cold steel for the build quality of the SRK knife because they have made it beautifully because they know that it is used by the US navy seals. The look of the knife says that it is a premium quality knife, not the ordinary one.

Belt Loop

There is a loop in the knife sheath that allows you to fix the knife with your belt and that loop made it easy for you to carry the knife everywhere. That loop is called the Belt loop and that is made of very strong molded plastic which makes it very durable.

Great Value

It is a very premium level knife that is used by military officials and especially US navy seal that is why the build quality of the knife is very premium but you would be shocked to know that it is a budget knife so, you are getting it in great value.

Highly Recommend

This is one of the best knives in the market which is used by the Navy seals. The knife was designed and manufactured for the rescue and survival in mind but as we have reviewed it and also used it for the years.

We can say that they are not surely limited to survival and rescue tasks but they are very durable and capable of many other things. They can handle hard conditions because of the weather or anything else.

We highly recommend you this knife if you are looking for a sharp, sturdy, and budget knife.

Cold Steel SRK Knife

Cold Steel SRK Knife Pros And Cons

  • It has a Black coating to protect the blade
  • It is very sharp because of the weak edge
  • Firm grip because of the textured rubber
  • It is a great budget knife
  • Premium quality knife because used by the Navy seals
  • The handle of the knife is very small



The SRK is a very old member of the Cold steel lineup because of its high-quality build and sharpness. It is suitable for everything like food prep and carving chopping and batoning and pretty much everything that you knife suppose to do.

The shocking thing about this knife is that it has a very decent price which in our view very decent for this quality of the knife. It has a thinner edge that makes it very sharp and you can cut anything with it very easily.

This knife is also a very good survival knife and also used by the US navy seals in their basic underground seal training. We highly recommend you these knives because they are one of the best knives in the market and also at a very budget price.

Purchase it from Amazon and if you purchase from our link we earn a small amount of commission that motivates us to write the researched articles for you.

Thank you


Does this knife come with a sheath?
Yes, the SRK knife comes with the sheath. Some years back it comes with a leather sheath that was not so good and durable so, now they upgraded it with the molded plastic which is more durable and sturdy than the leather so, it is very useful and lasts for a long time.
What is the blade length of SRK?
The overall length of the SRK is 10 inches from which the length of the blade is around 6 inches and the handle’s length is 4 inches. This is a suitable length for the blade knife according to the American Knife and Tool Institute.
Is this a full tang knife?
No, it is not a full tang knife because it has a very sturdy made of molded plastic handle that allows you to grab it firmly while in the full tang knife the unsharpened part of the blade is extended towards the grip.
Is cold steel SRK a good survival knife?
Yes, it falls under the best survival knives available in the market because of its sharpness and high-quality build. The interesting thing is that it is also used by the navy seal in their basic underwater seal drills. This SRK knife is not only high quality but you can get it at a very decent price.
Is this flat or hollow grind now?
It is the hollow grind knife that means that the edge of the blade is weak, not thicker the benefit of the weak edge of the blade is that it can slice things more efficiently. The thinner your edge of the blade is more slicer it will cut the things.