KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Fighting Knife Review in 2021

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Fighting Knife Review in 2021

There is a very long history of this Ka-Bar knife that was used by the US Marine Corps. This upgraded version of the knife was launched in 1942 before that the version of the knife was not good as compared to this version.

This knife is made by the cutlery company Ka-bar in the New York United States of America. This was firstly issued to the US Marine Corps but after that, they were also issued to the US Army and Navy.

There were some people that were not satisfied with the other reviews about this knife and they wanted us to honestly review this knife and tell them that if this is a good knife for them or not. So, we decided to review it, and here is our honest review of this knife.

Brand Ka-Bar
Color Black coated blade and brown leather
Dimensions 13.25 x 3.13 x 2.25 inches
Weight 0.699 lbs
Material Carbon Steel
Shape Straight Back
Edge Compound Bevel
Length 11.8 inches
Blade length 7 inches
Handle length 4.8 inches

Product Identifiers

The material which is suitable for the knife and other hard tools is carbon steel and this knife is made of carbon steel that’s why it is very sharp and sturdy and a permanent part of your survival kit.

As we said before that this knife is used by the US Marine Corps and military they use it for fighting purposes that is why it is a very deadly knife if you don’t use it with the care you will harm yourself. There are two lengths of this knife that Ka-bar makes one is about 7 inches and the other is 5.25 inches so, it is your personal choice to choose for yourself.

But you should know that if you are going to order the shorter version then it also has a very small handle. So, if you are an adult then we’ll recommend you to go for the full version of the knife.

The handle of the knife is made with stacked leather. It is very comfortable to use and makes your grip firm if you are trying to defend yourself and won’t slip from your hand if they have blood or sweat. The design of the handle is a bit curved that is to protect your hands.

The design of the knife is ergonomic so if you hold it for a long time so, that would be very comfortable for your hand and won’t cause fatigue. This knife has a very premium leather-made sheath that protects your knife from extreme weather conditions and you can carry it easily by attaching it with your belt.

Ka-Bar USMC serrated knife

The story behind the name of the Ka-bar knife is very interesting and it starts with an animal trapper that kills the bear with the knife when his rifle was jammed during a campaign.

Ka-Bar USMC serrated knife

But where is the Ka-bar in this story the thing is that letter was badly readable so, the only words they can take from the letter was “kill a bear” which makes the today name Ka-bar that the company engrave on their knives?

There are two edge options available for this knife plain and serrated. Serrated is the blade that is used for the tools like saws and some very deadly knives. This was made for the Marine Corps for the fighting.

There is filler in the blade of the knife and the purpose of that filler is to make it lightweight and comfortable. The knife is only 0.17 inches thicker that means it will be perfect for slicing anything.

Key features

Now let’s see what are the key features of this Ka-bar knife?.

Easy to hold

It has a very smooth leather grip that makes it very comfortable to hold when you are using it and the design of the knife is also ergonomic so, it will not cause fatigue to your hands if you hold it for a long time.

Blade Material

The Ka-bar material is made of 1095 Cro-van steel which is a very low-end but very hard material. It is used for knives because of its hardness. This knife is very easy to sharpen and the thinner edge makes it easy for you to cut anything.

Blade Edge

The edge of the blade is made of carbon steel which is very hard and also thin so, you can cut everything perfectly. These blades are made for the Marine Corps so, they made their edges quite sharper, thinner, and harder. There is one rule for the edge the thinner means sharper.

Leather Sheath

If you are into knives then you would know that the sheath and handle are made of the same material same goes for this knife. The sheath made very durable and it will protect your knife from weather conditions. It also makes it very easy for you to carry because of the belt loop in the sheath that fixes it around your belt.

Ka-Bar USMC Leather Sheath

High Quality

This is a combat knife and if you know combat tools then they are made with high-quality material and there is no second doubt in this that it is also made of high-quality material that is why it is used by the Marine Corps and US military forces.

Knife Values

We have told you about all the features of this knife and if you are following the article then you might know the worth of this knife but there is one thing that is also very important to know and that is all these features of this premium product are available in a very decent budget-friendly price. So, we can say that it is a great value product that you can buy.

Highly Recommend

I think after all the features and qualities if I don’t recommend this knife to you then it would be very injustice with the knife because it is a very premium knife that you should buy and can be used for many purposes. So, if you are looking for a combat knife then it is the perfect option for you.

Ka-Bar USMC Pros And Cons

  • It is very sharp and hard because of the 1095 Cro-van steel
  • It is very comfortable to hold because of its ergonomic design
  • The leather stacked sheath to carry the knife easily
  • It is used by the US marine corps, military and navy
  • It is a very budget-friendly knife
  • This is not for beginners because they will harm themselves



If you have followed us from the beginning of this article then you might know all the features of this ka-bar knife. But still, we’ll tell you that it has a very hard and sharp blade and it was used by the Marine Corps after 1942.

This one another best combat knife in the market which you can buy at a budgeted price that has all premium-level features. The grip made with brown stacked leather makes it more elegant.

If you need a premium quality multi-purpose combat knife then you should buy this knife and you will not be disappointed and if there is any problem with a knife they are giving you the lifetime limited warranty so, what are you waiting for go and buy this knife for yourself.

If you buy it from our link we’ll receive a very tiny amount of commission that really motivates us to write more informative articles for you.

Thank you.


What knife do the marines use?
The only knife that is used by the Marine Corps is KA-BAR Full-Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife. This knife is not only used by the Marine Corps but also by the US military and Navy.
What does ka-bar stand for?
There is a very interesting story behind the word ka-bar. There was a hunter that killed the bear with this knife and then wrote the letter to the company about it so, the Ka-bar drives from the word “kill a bear”
Is it made in the U.S?
The knife was made in the USA but the sheath of the knife was made in Mexico.
Is it worth the price?
Yes, it is worth every penny that you spent on this knife from the look to the build quality everything is premium quality but they are charging you a very decent budget amount which is very low if we see the other knives with these features.
Can this be used to chop wood?
This Ka-bar knife is made of very hard steel and the edge of the knife is serrated which is used to make the saws so, we can say that you can chop the woods easily with it. Chopping wood with this small knife might not be a good idea but you can chop.
What is the guarantee on this knife?
It has a very limited lifetime warranty that means if their product is defective they will fix it without any charges.