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Kabar Kukri Detail Review in 2024

This is another very beautiful and premium knife that can be used for survival. This knife has a very long history and at the start, these knives were for the fighting used by the Nepalese army.

many people often ask, “Who makes the best Kukri?” There are many companies that make the kukri knives and we listed here the top 5:

  • Ka-Bar Combat Kukri
  • Condor Tool & Knives Heavy Duty Kukri
  • Ontario 6420 OKC Kukri
  • CRKT KUK Kukri
  • Cold Steel 97KMPS Kukri

These are the five best brands of the Kukri.

This knife stood firm in the list of top-quality knives in the market. As this knife looks very premium quality but the price is very affordable. You are getting this long chopping knife under the price range of $150.

The design of this knife is not like traditional knives and it is way too long and works as the chopper. We will talk more about this design later in the article. There are many people that were confused about the knife that if it will be worth it or not? So, we decided to write a full detailed review.


Brand KA-BAR
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 inches
Weight 1 lb
Material (Blade) Carbon Steel
Material (handle) Rubber
Shape Kukri
Length 11.5 Inches

Design and Style

If we look at the kukri first time then it would look like a very deadly fighting knife which is the reality. In old days the kukri was used by the Nepalese army for fighting and chopping the enemies. That is why the knife is way too large than the normal knife that you usually see in the market.

The design of the kukri knife is very suitable for you if you want to chop the wood of trees and even add to your survival kit but if someone saw this knife he will not dare to come closer to you because it looks very savage and the curved shape is enough to chop anybody trying to harm you.

The length of the kukri knife is a bit longer and it has a very sharp blade that helps you to do the chopping perfectly.

Kabar Kukuri Design and Style



The blade of the knife is made of very high quality 1085 stainless steel which in our view an excellent choice for this kind of big chopper or we can also say survival knives. The only blade of this knife is bigger than most of the knives in the market. The length of the blade is around 11 inches and the full length of the knife is 17 inches.

If you are planning to cut the tree branches with it then there would be no problem because I have personally tested it on the 3 inches branch and it chopped the branch into pieces. So, you can know that how sharp the blade of the knife.

There is one thing about this knife that if you want to share it then it would be really tough for you but if you have the sharpening rod then you can sharpen it.


When you see the handle of this knife you know that this knife is for chopping because of its thickness and grip. The grip is very important for the knife because if you don’t have a grip then you can’t use the knife that is why they have made it with black Kraton.

The black Kraton is a very thick and durable rubber that allows your hands to stay on the handle even when you are working in the sweat or your hands are bloody. The handle has a very textured design that also makes your grip firm.

The end edge of the handle is slightly curved which means when you are holding it you got a strong back at the end and you don’t have to adjust your hand again and again. I was involved in the continued chopping of wood with this knife but it does not cause any pain in my hands so, you can say it is comfortable.


The sheath is very important for your knife the sheath is responsible for protecting your blade from the weather and it also allows you to carry it easily with you. These are the simple functions of the sheath.

The sheath of the Kabar knife is made with black leather and other hard rubber this means it makes the sheath very durable but there is one more thing different about this sheath is that the sheath is too big according to the blade.

There are two straps on the sheath that allows you to carry the knife with you wherever you are going. I know that this knife is a bit big and you can’t carry it everywhere but still, if you are hunting or camping then you can take this chopper with you by attaching it with your belt.

Kabar Kukuri Sheath


Features & functions


The look of this Kabar knife gives you a very clear signal that it has a very razor-sharp blade that will chop anything and the other name of this knife is a chopper. So, the chopper needs to be very sharp and this Kabar knife is at a high level of sharpness.

Weight distribution

The Kabar Kukri is one of the biggest knives in the market and it has a total length of approx 17 inches and from which the 11 inches blade and 5 inches for the handle. As this knife is a bit longer than you can understand that this might have a bit more weight than the normal knives but it is not that heavy. It has a total weight of 1 lb.

Well Made

This knife is a fighting knife that was used to chop the enemies of the Nepalese military. This knife was used to be very strong and durable but the Kabar made it extra powerful and durable by adding the ergonomic premium and modern material.

KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri Well Made Knife

Highly Recommend

This is one of the best choppers in the market if you want a very sharp high-quality chopper to cut the branches of trees or for hunting then you should go for this Kabar kukri knife we highly recommend this product because of its high-quality build and premium look. The handle of the material is also made of durable rubber that gives you a very firm grip on the knife.

Kabar Kukuri Pros And Cons

  • The knife is made in Taiwan
  • It is very sharp because of the high-quality carbon steel.
  • It is very long so, you can chop anything very easily.
  • Handle made of Kraton textured design that allows you a great grip
  • It is an affordable budget-friendly option.
  • It is not durable and might chip fast.



The kukri is a military knife that was used for the fighting by the Nepalese army and they chop their enemies with this nowadays we don’t have any enemies to chop but still, there are many things we can chop and chop that thing this is the best knife.

The blade of this knife is curved from the front and a bit longer than the normal ones that are why it is more effective for chopping the woods and we will recommend that if you are looking for a high-quality, sharp knife then go for this one without any doubt you will not be disappointed this is my guarantee.

Purchase this knife through our link so we will receive a very small amount of commission that really motivates us to write the more researched articles for you.

Thank you. Happy shopping


Is Kukri better than a machete?
Yes, the kukri is a good blade as compared to the machete. It is very sharp, thick, and also long and you can easily chop with it so, according to the experts, the kukri is way better than the machete.
What are the two small knives that come with a kukri for?
There are two knives that come with the Kukri are Karda and Chakmak. Both are very different and also responsible for different functions. The Karda is the small knife that is used for the home utilities and the Chakmak is the sharp knife which is very sharp and called the emergency sharpening knife.
Are Kukris legal?
If you are in the United States of America then the Kukri is not illegal but in your country that might be illegal. But wherever you are in the USA or wherever in the world you need to use it according to the legal manner.
Will this machete work for clearing bamboo?
Yes, it will work for clearing bamboo because it has a very thick sharp blade that is designed for chopping and other hard things, especially bamboo.