Is W2 Steel Worthy of Making Knives

Is W2 Steel Worthy of Making Knives?

Anyone who is a cooking expert or knows about the knives realizes that the steel utilized for an edge is one of a blade’s most significant qualities.

That is the reason it’s essential to get to know the kind of steel being utilized for a specific sharp edge.

What’s more, perhaps the most famous decision for blade manufacturers out there is W2 steel.

It comes from the “W” steel family, which represents water solidifying.

W steel is known for incredible knife maintenance and hardness, and the W2 formula is no special case.

W2 has an extremely high carbon content, which is the explanation the steel is exceptionally hard and can hold its edge for quite a while.

It’s an incredible material for blades, however since it isn’t impeccable, W2 blades require a ton of additional consideration.

In this W2 steel survey, we plunge profound into the determinations and highlights of this steel formula.

What’s more by the end, you’ll have the option to choose if this is the right steel for you!

What Is W2 Steel?

What Is W2 Steel

Prior to getting to realize what precisely is W2 steel, for what reason don’t we investigate its family-the W prepares bunch?

As referenced, this material falls into bunch W prepares, which involve three sorts, in particular, W1, W2, and W3. These kinds of steel have the letter W since they are all water-solidifying apparatus prepared.

In W prepares, the most vital component found is carbon. Additionally, to elevate the hardenability( erosion obstruction) and the W prepares’ wear opposition, individuals can place a limited quantity of chromium into the amalgam.

As far as strength, vanadium or nickel can keep the grain’s size kept up to build the sturdiness of its. In addition, the gathering W prepares are not costly and have low protection from mellowing at high temperatures.

Nowadays, individuals generally utilize this material in the blade-making industry in light of its notable highlights in strength and edge maintenance.

W2 Steel – Overview

In the accompanying segment, we will break the properties of this material into two sections: hardness and different properties.

The explanation is that hardness is the most unimportant property with regards to assessing any steel. Also, hardness is for the most part dictated via carbon, which can impact different properties at various extents in it arrangement.

Thus, we should reveal hardness first.


To realize how hard this material is, we really want to realize to what extent every component is remembered for it. How about we discover.

In this material, there are 1.15% of carbon, 0.15% of chromium, 0,10% of molybdenum, 0,20% of Nickel, 0,25% of Manganese, and 0,25% Silicon. To arrive at a specific hardness, the producers can not fail to remember the most vital component carbon.

While the carbon extent is typically fixed inside specific reach limits, contrasts inside this reach can change the mechanical properties and its cutting capacity. Another thing to remember is that the more carbon it has, the less strength it has.

On account of W2, its carbon content is high( 1.15%), prompting its functioning hardness increments too. As assessed, it can reach 65 HRC (the Rockwell C) greatest, an ideal level for cutting devices, like blades and edges.

Different Properties

W2 Steel Different Properties

In view of the organization and its hardness, W2 has the accompanying properties.

Most importantly, when the HRC is 62( HRC is greatest at 65), the edge maintenance is at the best level it can get. If for reasons unknown prompting the HRC surpasses 62, its edge maintenance can be decreased a little.

Also, with the level of chromium of 0.15% inside the organization, it gets more prominent strength and edge maintenance and builds its wear opposition and consumption obstruction a tad.

As to opposition, W2 has genuinely great wear obstruction, yet not the best when contrasted with different sorts of steel. Consequently, clients ought to painstakingly deal with any apparatuses made of this material to try not to be dull.

Talking about consumption opposition, despite the fact that there is a limited quantity of chromium in the piece, the erosion obstruction is low.


All things considered, a sentence says the harder it is, the harder it is to make it sharp. For this situation, that sentence is right. As referenced, this material falls on the rundown of the hardest prepares. Thus, it isn’t difficult to hone any devices that are made of it.

At last, the strength is genuinely great contrasted with different prepares. Notwithstanding, assuming that you will raise the HRC over 62 hardness, it will decrease sturdiness significantly.

W2 Steel composition

  • 1,15% of Carbon: It further develops hardness and wear/consumption opposition, however, a high measure of it diminishes strength.
  • 0,15% of Chromium: For elasticity and Edge maintenance, and upgrades consumption opposition and wear obstruction.
  • 0,10% of Molybdenum: Increase Machinability and strength.
  • 0,20% Nickel: Improves durability.
  • 0,25% of Manganese: Increases hardness and weakness.
  • 0,25% Silicon: Improves Strength.

W2 Steel composition

What Can Replace It

As investigated for quite a long time by many steelmakers, it is generally realized that has genuinely a similar synthetic arrangement as the 1095 steel as they are the two sheets of steel that have a high extent of carbon.

Obviously, we can not consider W2 as 100% the same as the 1095 steel, however, the two sorts of steel both give incredible strength and hardness despite the fact that W2 is somewhat harder and harder than 1095.

Furthermore, the sibling of W2-W1 steel can be a decent substitute for W2 as the main distinction between them is the solidifying temperature of W2 is undeniably lower than W1 a piece. The different properties of the two sorts of steel are very comparable.

Is It Good For Making Knives?

Indeed, the response to this inquiry relies upon the use, yet for the most part, Yes. The steel has extraordinary strength and hardness. Subsequently, assuming you need to have a decent edge that can permit you to deal with loads of harm, W2 might be a decent choice.

However, as it has low erosion obstruction and medium wear opposition, you should set aside some effort to take great consideration of the instruments to hold them back from being dull and dusty.


What’s more with regards to kitchen blades, plunging blades, and fishing blades, W2 steel isn’t the most ideal choice as there are better prepares for these blades.

Assuming you’re an enthusiast of carbon blades, you definitely realize that “the erosion opposition” doesn’t unnerve you, since low consumption obstruction doesn’t mean its terrible, it simply needs more consideration (oiling and cleaning after use), numerous clients favor carbon blades over tempered steel to partake in the full strength of a blade in case you’re as well, I’ll happily prescribe you to attempt a custom W2 blade, you will cherish it!