Wusthof 2-Stage Handheld Knife Sharpener – How to Use

Wusthof 2-Stage Handheld Knife Sharpener – How to Use

Wusthof is a very well-known brand that has made its name in the past couple of decades. The main reason for the prominence of this brand is the high quality and well-built of its manufactured tools, which are highly durable as well.  Their tools include knives, cutting boards, knife blocks, and knife sharpeners.

Their complete line of knives and knife sharpeners explain how important it is to have a perfect-sized knife that is perfectly sharpened for effective cutting. Moreover, Wusthof manufactures some of the very best knife sharpeners in the market. Variety of their sharpeners include knife honing steels, Whetstones, electric sharpeners, and handheld sharpeners.

When talking about Wusthof Knife sharpeners, it is often asked that “Which Wusthof sharpener is best?” Here’s the answer. Wusthof Precision Edge stage 2 and stage 4 handheld sharpeners are considered the best ones so far. They are the two top-rated handheld sharpeners by the brand and are highly effective as well as durable.

How to Use Wusthof Stage 2 Knife Sharpener?

Wusthof 2-Stage knife sharpeners are pretty simple and easy to use. Here are the steps you’d need to follow in order to sharpen a knife with a 2-stage sharpener.

  1. The sharpener should be placed on the counter.
  2. Use your dominant hand to grip your knife.
  3. Now align your knife with the sharpener blades.
  4. Then pass the knife through the blades, starting from the ‘fine’ stage.
  5. Continue sharpening the knife until it is perfectly sharpened.

How often should you sharpen your knife?

Knives should be sharpened at least once every one to two months, depending on how often they are being used. A sharpening process restores a damaged or dulled edge by using a rough abrasive such as a diamond plate, stone, or abrasion belt. There are some knives that require sharpening only once in six months or a year. Make sure you know when exactly your knife needs sharpening.

How do you use a 3 in 1 knife sharpener?

The use of a 3-in-1 knife sharpener is exactly the same as that of a two-stage sharpener. The only difference is that a 3-in-1 sharpener has 3 stages for the sharpening of knives. For a highly sharpened knife, you’ll have to strike it through all three stages.

Wusthof Stage 2 Handheld Sharpener Reviews

Stage 2 sharpeners by Wusthof are pretty much commonly used today because of their amazing quality and the effectiveness in the duty they provide. Moreover, they are much easier to use as compared to other types of knife sharpeners, such as whetstones. All you need to do is, know the correct way of using the sharpener.

Here, we’re going to discuss some important aspects of the stage 2knife sharpener.

  1. Quality
  2. Performance
  3. Features
  4. Specifications
  5. How to Use

Wusthof Stage 2 Handheld Sharpener Reviews

1. Quality

The Stage 2 sharpener by Wusthof has an amazing build that lasts for years if kept and used with care. High-quality materials are used in its manufacture and the sharpening blades work wonders in just a few strikes. Extremely dull knives may require more than 6 or 7 strikes while moderately dull knives would be perfectly sharpened in 5 to 6 strikes.

2. Performance

The Stage 2 knife sharpener by Wusthof is one of the best ones in the entire product line. It is a dual knife sharpener and perfectly sharpens the professional knives as well as the knives used for normal kitchen use. The sharpening blades are extremely sharp and help you sharpen your knife only to the extent required.

You can sharpen your knife slightly for lighter uses, or you may choose to sharpen the knife to a greater extent for heavy uses. It is all up to you with this amazing stage 2 knife sharpener.

3. Features:

Wusthof Stage 2 Handheld Sharpener Features

  1. A two-stage sharpening process for German angled knives
  2. Sharpens and hones your knife in two stages to a sharp 14° angle
  3. Two crossed carbide blades form a V-shaped cutting head that provides fast edge retention
  4. Paired with ceramic rods for honing and a rubberized base for easy grip
  5. Coarse sharpening blades are made of hard carbide steel
  6. Simple strokes are all it takes to maintain blade sharpness
  7. Ergonomic handle with soft grip
  8. Returns Wusthof knives to their original factory edge in just seconds
  9. Designed for easy use with preset angles

4. Specifications

Manufacturer Wusthof
Department Unisex Adult
Model Number 3059730101
Dimensions 9 inches x 1.5 inches x 3.5 inches
Weight 8.4 ounces
Type Handheld sharpener
Material Plastic, Ceramic, Carbide
No. of sharpening stages 2
Price Check On Amazon

5. How to Use

With the Wusthof 2-stage Hand-Held Knife Sharpener, sharpening blades are safe, easy, and less time-consuming as well. Here’s how to use it:

  • The sharpener should be placed on a flat work surface.
  • One hand should be used for the E-Z grip handle, and the other for the knife handle.
  • The knife blade should be inserted completely into the sharpener at a 90-degree angle, and then dragged back a few times to sharpen.
  • Make sure you use the ceramic side of the unit to nicely finish the edge after setting the knife’s edge with the carbide side.
  • Regardless of whether the blades are pulled through the unit from the left or right side, they will sharpen in exactly the same manner.
  • Remember, if your blade edges are serrated or scalloped, use the ceramic (fine) stage only.
  • At last, shake out shavings if needed by turning the sharpener upside down.

Instructions for Using Wusthof Stage 2 Handheld Knife Sharpener

Instructions for Using Wusthof Stage 2 Handheld Knife Sharpener

While using the stage 2 handheld knife sharpener, here are the instructions and tips you must know.

  1. Always use your dominant hand to sharpen a knife.
  2. Grip the sharpener with your non-dominant hand.
  3. While passing the knife through any of the stages, make sure you DO NOT apply any force or pressure onto the knife.
  4. The fine stage of the sharpener is for honing the knife. You can use the fine stage after every hour and a half of use or two hours, or you can use it even more than that as this stage does not remove the blade material.
  5. After the ‘fine’ stage, use the ‘course’ stage for the actual sharpening of the knife.

Pros and Cons

  • Highly durable and effective sharpener for knives
  • Has a strong build and sharp blades
  • Perfect for normal kitchen use knives as well as professional knives
  • Only two stages available in total

Our Verdict

The Stage 2 handheld sharpener by Wusthof is a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality, durable knife sharpener. It is super easy to use and sharpens your knives within a minute!