Chef’s Choice Trizor XV Edgeselect Knife Sharpener - Review

Chef’s Choice Trizor XV Edgeselect Knife Sharpener – Review

The Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV blade sharpener Is the chef’s choice sharpener that includes a 3-stage blade honing system with amazing features. What is it, precisely? All things considered, it consequently changes any cutting edge to a super sharp 15-degree point edge with high precision. And the exceptional thing about this blade is that it does it sharpens the blade in 3 different levels, first to around 25 degrees, then 22 degrees, and lastly 15 degrees.

This guarantees the blade stays keener for a more extended timeframe, a component that is highly appreciated and encouraged by many clients. It maintains an even angle throughout the knife without causing any damage to the knife and making it simple and easy to use.

Let’s have a look at some of its technical details:

Technical Details

Product name  Chef’s Choice Trizor xv Edgeselect
Material Diamond
Color Platinum
Brand  Chef’sChoice
Grit type  Fine 
Stages Three
Number of Bevels  Double-Bevel, Single-Sided
Sharpening element  100% Diamond Abrasives
Knife angle 15-Degree


Presently, there is a portion of the more significant components of the Trizor XV:

  • You can hone any style cutting edge into a 15-degree incline, which is the standard point utilized in Japanese-style blades.
  • Adaptable abrasives assist with forestalling harm to the edge during sharpening.
  • Adaptable spring guides guarantee the exact sharp point during honing.
  • More strong than other Chef’s Choice items, and accompanies a 3-year restricted guarantee.
  • At 12x6x6.4 inches it is marginally bigger than some different models, yet at the same time, it is somewhat simple to store.
  • Functions admirably with serrated edges, however, it will, in general, transform them into fine-edged edges over the long haul.
  • Weighs roughly five pounds.


Chef’s Choice Trizor xv Edgeselect Knife Sharpener - Specifications

Blade sharpeners come in many structures, from the whetstones utilized since artifact to laser-accuracy electric processors. The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV is surely among the more current of sharpeners. It functions admirably, however isn’t 100% great, as we’ll talk about.

15-Degree Edge

This “Model 15” Trizor XV is intended to granulate to an edge point or slope point of 15 degrees. Numerous blades—particularly European plans are worked with a 20-degree edge. The Trizor XV can crush those to 15 degrees, yet you’ll change the blade if needed.

The sharpest knife angle though sounds amazing however, now and again it can have disadvantages. The meager metal on that tight edge can twist or twist over onto itself, dulling the blade altogether. It’s probably going to require more standard honing or sharpening than a 20-degree edge. Luckily, the Chef’s Choice unit makes that cycle simpler.

Cone-shaped Grinding Disks

Like most electric blade sharpeners, this one works by grinding the blade. The Trizor XV has six such openings—for every one of its three honing steps. One of each pair granulates the left half of the edge and different grinds on the right.

Each honing space covers a funnel-shaped plate that accomplishes the grimy work. The first is coated with diamond and sets the general 15-degree point. Normally, this one eliminates the most material. It likewise purportedly makes miniature depressions on the edge feature to give the blade more “nibble” on intense vegetables like pumpkins.

Then, the blade ought to be gone through the center stage. The pounding circle here is likewise tipped with diamond, however, creates a lot better granulate. This progression concludes the slope point.

Chef’s Choice Trizor xv Edgeselect Cone-shaped Grinding Discs

At long last, the third opening contains the adaptable honing plate. Honing is the method involved with cleaning the honed edge and eliminating any wanderer metal burrs. This is what’s going on when you see a film character run their blade along with leather. Such manual honing takes bunches of training.

Note that the principle three-venture system is essentially for straight-edge, twofold angle sharp edges. Serrated edges can be honed with this unit, however ought to just go through the honing segment. You would prefer not to granulate away the serrations!

Like this, single-slope cutting edges, for example, Japanese sashimi blades can be honed, however, require their Iincrediblychnique. These should just go through stages two and three (the fine granulate and honing). Ensure you’re just utilizing the space that granulates the inclined side of the edge!

We’d prefer to bring up that grinding metal is a forceful cycle. The machine fulfills the difficult work—that is not an analysis—but rather the outcomes may not look as beautiful as another blade. Your honed edge might get some new scratches. Most people aren’t too centered around blade appearance, however, it’s nice to realize what’s in store.

EdgeSelect Procedures

Chef’s  Choice promotes the “EdgeSelect” ability of their honing framework. EdgeSelect is a methodology as opposed to other specs. Slight contrasts in edges can be accomplished by keeping techniques other than the guideline three-venture measure.

For example, in case you are honing a hunting blade to a field-dress game, Chef’s Choice suggests skipping stage two. The course granulate at stage one makes small woodwinds that help traverse the stringy meat. Then, at that point, the honing stage eliminates stray burrs from the edge.

Essentially, a decent fileting edge can be accomplished by skipping stage one and only utilizing two and three. The sharpener’s guidance leaflet traces various EdgeSelect methodologies to consider. One-and two-stage blade sharpeners don’t offer a similar kind of adaptability.


The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV is ETL recorded as safe for home use by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL). The rating has likewise been looked into and supported by Canadian specialists. An ETL posting applies explicitly to electronic apparatuses. Do take note that it’s just supported for use with a 120-volt electrical framework (the North American norm).

Security suggestions stretch out past the electricals, obviously. Blades are honed by granulating a touch of their surface away. That ground-up metal transforms into drops of metal residue that you don’t need in your food. Wash your blades after you hone them to keep that residue out of your serving of mixed greens.

Chef’s Choice Trizor xv Edgeselect Maintenance

A significant part of the residue winds up inside the sharpener lodging itself. It doesn’t develop too quickly, however, the machine actually should be wiped out sometimes. A port on the base can be opened and a convenient magnet eliminated. Get over metal shavings the magnet and shake out any lingering dust from the sharpener in some measure one time per year.

The other fundamental support concern is the honing circle. After some time its white surface will accumulate grime which decreases its viability. A little switch on the unit broadens a dressing instrument inside the sharpener that cleans the plate. Gourmet specialists’ Choice suggests utilizing this sparingly—it shaves off a layer from the plate, so you would prefer not to erode it excessively quick.


The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV Model 15 electric sharpener is covered under a three-year guarantee.

Instructions to USE THE SHARPENER

This unit is easy to utilize and accompanies simple to-adhere to directions.

Essentially slide the blade through the spaces 3-5 times (for each) and you’re finished. Exceptionally dull or extremely thick blades might take longer, and while changing over American or European style cutting edges (which regularly have an angle of 18-22 degrees), the principal stage known as the ‘forming stage’ may be rehashed a couple of more occasions to accomplish the ideal shape.

After it has been changed over, however, 3 to multiple times is actually all it should take except if the cutting edge is gravely harmed.

This unit is valuable for a more extensive assortment of edges than other electric sharpeners available. It functions admirably with filet blades, hunting blades, and serrated cutting edges, however as expressed prior serrated edges will in general turn out to be fine-edged edges after some time. This unit additionally works really hard of honing Japanese style cutting edges, which ordinarily will not need the primary stage by any means.

The edge this unit puts onto an edge is likewise very noteworthy. It is equipped for sharpening an edge to an extremely sharp point in a moderately brief timeframe, fundamentally quicker than steel or a stone. The edge additionally endures longer because of the numerous point angle plan.

Instructions to USE THE SHARPENER


The Trizor XV does a couple of degrading attributes, too.

It isn’t pretty much as outwardly engaging as different sharpeners available; however, this is made up for by its capacity to be effortlessly put away in a bureau or cabinet when not being used.

It additionally has a short force rope; which means free counter space close to a power plug or utilization of an electrical line is required. It can likewise genuinely harm a cutting edge if not utilized as expected, and the main stage specifically tends to “eat” a ton of metal off the blade, lessening the existence of blades honed by this electric blade sharpener. There are likewise some sturdiness worries with this item, however less so than with other Chef’s Choice items, and the 3-year guarantee gives some security to the client.

Pros and Cons

  • All-electric activity
  • Easy to utilize
  • Adaptability with EdgeSelect techniques
  • Simple to clean
  • Adequately amazing to pound any blade to a 15-degree edge
  • Can’t keep up with the production line point of normal 20-degree blades
  • Honing plate cleaner debases the circle
  • Blades might look “scratchy” in the wake of grinding


Bottom Line

The Trizor XV is entirely considered the best Chef’s decision blade sharpener available. Its capacity to change cheap, house blades into well-honed Japanese style cutting edges is a boon for the normal home kitchen gourmet specialist who may not wish or have the option to burn through a great many dollars on quality blades.
While they may not be very on par with the genuine article, most home clients won’t ever see the distinction. This is additionally incredible for anglers, who can save time honing their edge by beginning with this great unit and getting done with a stone.

The Chef’s Choice Trizor XV I an incredibly efficient machine that will make an extraordinary addition to any family.