Old Hickory Butcher Knife set – Are They Still Made

Old Hickory Butcher Knife set – Are They Still Made?

When talking about knives, there’s always the need for butcher knives; at homes, at restaurants, meat selling shops, literally everywhere! A great quality butcher knife makes work greatly easier, convenient, and quick. Today, there are plenty of different brands for butcher knives in the market but only a few actually do their job.

Even with the great inventions in almost everything including the knives, there’s still important that old products hold and there are reasons for that. Old hickory butcher knives are in demand even today. That’s because they were built with super durable materials and very fine quality. They lasted for years and required less maintenance.

Out of countless knives’ brands in the market today, only a few actually compete with the old hickory butcher knives. People are interested to know “Do they still make Old Hickory knives?” Well, yes. Hickory butcher knives have been being manufactured for almost a hundred years now. But, they are not that commonly manufactured today. However, the well-known ‘Ontario Knife Company‘ in the USA does manufacture great quality old hickory butcher knives from high carbon steel.

What are Hickory Knives?

What are Hickory Knives

Old Hickory knives were first introduced in 1924 and remain in production today. The Old Hickory knives have a hardwood handle attached to 1095 carbon steel blades with brass compression rivets: they are razor sharp and possess superior edge retention compared to stainless knives.

Butcher knives are the knives used to cut through the meat and bones of animals. They are so sharp that they easily cut through the meat, even the largest pieces of meat. The hickory butcher knives are actually the butcher knives that are prepared by the Ontario knife company branded with old Hickory.

Who owns Ontario Knife?

Servotronics. The USA-based company of Ontario Knives is owned by the publicly traded Servotronics Inc.

About the Old Hickory Butcher Knives

About the Old Hickory Butcher Knives

Old Hickory knives are simply the best of the butcher knives types that let you cut through the meat easily. There are different sizes and shapes for these knives and one can choose according to their type of job. The blade of these knives is of high-quality carbon steel attached to the handles that provide an amazing grip.

The edges of blades are razor sharp and they can be sharpened even more according to one’s need. The great quality of these hickory butcher knives makes them ideal for cutting or chopping even very large pieces of meat as well. Both the professional chefs at restaurants and the butchers at butcher shops highly demand these knives for the fact that they make the work easier are convenient to use and maintain.

How old are Hickory knives?

The hickory knives were launched in 1924 for the very first time. This makes the hickory knives almost a hundred years old. But, the quality of hickory knives being manufactured today is not the same as those manufactured in older times. There are only a few brands that actually manufacture the real hickory butcher knives, Ontario Knife company being one the best manufacturers.

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Vintage Old Hickory Butcher Knife

Out of the many amazing old hickory butcher knives, we have shortlisted one of these knives to give our users an idea of what qualities do these knives hold.

Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705

The length of the blade makes a huge difference in the easy and comfortable use of the knife. This set of knives with different blade length knives is a great combination with their suitable handles.

Vintage Old Hickory Butcher Knife


  • No. of Knives: A set of 5 knives
  • Brand: Old Hickory
  • Dimensions: Starting from 3.25 inches’ blade to a maximum of 8 inches’ blade length


  • The knives from Ontario Old Hickory Knife Set 705 have pointed and little raised edges. These edges help the users to easily get the knives into the meat pieces for quick cutting.
  • The 25 inches’ knife in the set can slice quite well and is comparable to a pocket knife that is highly useful. You can also use this knife for normal uses such as chopping vegetables.
  • A 4 inches paring knife offers a rather clever blade design that enables you to more easily cut into the meat. This also does a great job for normal kitchen uses as well.
  • In comparison to most boning knives available today, a 6-inch boning knife in this set is considerably thicker. The edge has a decent aesthetic and its functionality is quite good even though it is thicker.
  • The 7-inch butcher knife in the set is not just ideal for cutting large pieces of meat, but also for cutting and peeling off the meat from the bones and skin. other than just the butchering purposes, this knife is also used for chopping and splintering wood.
  • The last knife in the set is the one with an 8-inch long blade. Knives with longer blades are greatly useful for heavy chopping as they could cover a greater area. Moreover, the long blade makes dealing with large meat pieces easier, all in one cut!

Product Details

Manufacturer Ontario Knife
Weight 1.3 Pounds
Size 3.25 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Wood
No. of knives in Set 5
Blade Edge Plain
Guarantee Lifetime
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Pros and Cons

  • Highly durable and High quality knife set by Ontario Knife company
  • Each knife in the set serves a different purpose for kitchen uses
  • The set comes from a popular, trustworthy brand and with a lifetime guarantee
  • Very much similar to the Old Hickory knives
  • The handles provide a nice grip and a good balance
  • The smallest knife (3.5-inch) in the set is kind of a too-small knife


Things You Should Consider While Buying Old Hickory Knives

Here are a few things you definitely should look at while making a purchase for the old hickory butcher knives.

Blade Length – The blade length of a knife plays a great role in easier and convenient cutting. If your somebody who doesn’t deal with the cutting of large pieces of meat such as you need it for home use, then you may look for a not-so-large blade length. But if you’re dealing with large meat pieces every day, such as at restaurants or butchery shops, you’ll have to look for a longer blade length. Longer blades help you cover a larger area of meat in a single cut!

Manufacturing Brand – Do check out the brand you’re purchasing from. Not every brand does justice to the manufacture of old hickory knives. The best overall brand for the manufacture of durable and high-quality hickory knives is the ‘Ontario Knife Company’ which is based in the USA.

Handles – Handles are game-changers when it comes to comfortable cutting and easy grip. It is important to see how well the handle of a knife works in providing balance. A handle with a perfect grip and balance would help you work for a long without feeling your hand tired.

Our Verdict

Hickory butcher knives are super sharp knives and make the cutting and chopping of meat easier and quicker. But today, when new and high-end brands have taken over, it’s a bit difficult to find real hickory knives. But when you find one, you know the reason for their hype and demand even after hundred years of their first use.