CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife Review in 2021

CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife Review in 2021

This is one of the smallest knives in the market as the name says it is very minimalist but we have named it a keychain knife because of the size and there is also a fabric loop at the end of the handle that makes it more looks like a keychain.

This knife is designed and manufactured by a proud American company Columbia River Knife & Tool. This headquarter of the company is situated in the Tualatin, Oregon, United States.

The size of the knife is very small but a normal person can hold it with your hand perfectly there are some people that have doubt on the credibility of this knife and they were confused that it will worth or not so, we decided to write a full detailed review about this knife. So, let’s review it.


Brand Columbia River Knife & Tool
Color Bowie
Dimensions 5.13 x 2 x 0.11 inches
Weight 0.11 pounds
Material 5Cr15Mov Stainless Steel
Shape Clip Point
Edge Plain

CRKT Minimalist Ergonomics

This is one of the minimalist knives in the market and it is very beautifully crafted when you hold it for seconds you can feel that it is a very premium level knife on which the company invested their time.

This is very small so, that is why lightweight than the many other knives in the market so, you can hold it easily and the good thing you can hide it anywhere like nobody can see it clearly like the other ones it looks like a keychain.

The blade of the knife is made of the 5Cr15Mov Stainless Steel that is included in the softer steels but they are really sharp. The blade is perfect for the survival kit and in my view, it is one of the most suitable survival knives in the market.

You can easily defend with this knife and other things like you can open the cans and other regular stuff that you do with your knife.

CRKT Minimalist Ergonomics

The handle of the knife is very smooth and comfortable and you can easily hold it for a long time. If you are a normal adult then your three fingers will perfectly adjust and make your grip more strong. The design of the knife also allows you to use it with the full power of your arm.

When you are holding the knife for a long time then it causes pain in your finger and sometimes the whole hand but not with this knife because the design of this knife is ergonomic which means it will not cause pain or any kind of fatigue to your hand.

When you take it out from the sheath of the knife it perfectly fits into your three fingers because it is made for your three fingers and you don’t need to adjust the hands on it.



The blade of this knife is made with the 5Cr15Mov Stainless Steel this is known as the softer steels these are specially made for the knives. The handle is made of durable plastic fabric that is very comfortable for your hands. The sheath of the knife is made with thermoplastic material.

Little Knife

The size of the knife is very small and that is why it is very lightweight. You can easily hide it and nobody can guess that you are carrying a knife with you. This knife is different from the other knives in the market and it is perfect for your cutting the can’s top and also suitable for your survival kit.

CRKT Minimalist Razor Sharp Knife

Razor Sharp

This knife blade is made with the 5Cr15MoV steel which is known to be the softer steel but these blades can reach the high-0level of sharpness very easily. If we compare these knives with the other good knives in the market then it is really easy to sharpen.

Belt Clip

The sheath of the knife is made of high-quality thermoplastic material which is very durable and the knife perfectly sits in this sheath. The sheath has a clip that is made of fabric and has a loop that will perfectly fit in your belt and make it very easy to carry.

Well Made

This knife is made by the Columbia River Knife & Tool and when you use this knife you can feel that company has put great attention on this knife to make it a very classic knife. The knife is very well-made and there is not a one percent doubt in it.

Finger Grooves

The best thing about this knife is the handle. It does not have the traditional handle but they have made the three-finger grooves in which your three fingers fit perfectly and you can use it more efficiently. This handle of the knife suits the minimalistic look of the knife.

Fixed Blade

The blade of this knife is fixed and it might be one of the smallest fixed blade knives in the market because the fixed blade means the big knife. But they have changed the trend and the fixed blade is suitable for the knives for the survival kits and this knife in my view is a great addition to your survival kit.

CRKT Minimalist Razor Fixed Blade knife

Highly Recommend

This is a very small, lightweight, durable, and also affordable minimalistic knife that you can use for survival and also some other daily tasks. The knife is well made and the company has paid attention to every little detail. After reviewing this product honestly, I would say that you should definitely buy this knife, especially as a survival knife.

  • It is very easy to sharpen so, you can attain the highest level of sharpness easily.
  • It is very small which is why lightweight.
  • You can hide it anywhere so, perfect for survival.
  • It has three finger grooves that perfectly fit in your hands while using.
  • The thermoplastic sheath and a loop behind the handle make it easy to carry.
  • Not for women because finger grooves are big suitable for men.



The CRKT Minimalist is one of the very smallest and lightweight knives that is a very good survival knife. If you read all the reviews then you might know that it is a good knife but if you are still confused then we will highly recommend you this knife.

Because it is made with the 5Cr15Mov Stainless Steel that is very soft and can reach the highest level of sharpness. This knife is very good for survival techniques because of its small size and you can hide it anywhere easily.

So, if you are looking for a good survival knife that is small, lightweight, and very sharp. This knife is also not very heavy for your pocket because the CRKT knives are known to be affordable options.

Make sure to buy the knife from our link because if you buy from our link then we will receive a very little amount of commission and that will not cost you more.

Thank you for buying.


Where does Crkt make their knives?
This is an American brand and they are manufacturing their products in America proudly for the past 26 years. This journey was started in Tualatin, Oregon United States of America and their current headquarters is also in the Tualatin, Oregon United States of America.
Are all Crkt knives made in China?
There are some people that are confused by some bloggers that say CRKT is not made in the USA but in Taiwan, China, and Japan but that is not true it is a proud American brand that is based in the Tualatin, Oregon United States of America and they manufacture all their products in America.
How long is the knife?
The overall total length of the knife is five inches and in that five the blade’s length is 2 inches and the length of the handle is 3 inches. The knife does not have the traditional handle like all others but they have the finger grooves that perfectly fit in your fingers.
How much does it weigh with the sheath?
The sheath of the knife is made with thermoplastic which is also very lightweight yet durable and this suits the weight of the knife. This small knife is very lightweight as compared to the other knives. The weight of the knife is around 184 grams and if we add the sheath too then it would not high than 250g.
Does Crkt make good knives?
CRKT is a very well-known brand in the knife market and if we see them all around then they are good and affordable but because they are affordable that means they use less graded steel but that is why it is affordable. We can say that they made good knives but surely they are not the best.