AnySharp Pro - The Best Sharpener Review 2021

AnySharp Pro – The Best Sharpener Review 2021

Have you ever used the Anysharp pro sharpener for sharpening your knife? Sharp gadgets, tools, and knives make work simple and easy, help things stay healthy, and also improve the food’s presentation. But sharp knives can also be harmful to you if you don’t have any sharpening skills.

AnySharp’s products are very safe, easy to handle and work wonderfully. Any sharp is the “World’s Best Knife Sharpener.”There are about 9 beautiful colors in this new model, including metallic red, purple, bronze, pistachio cream, pink, copper, black, and this fantastic “oil slick” color effect. Any sharp pro sharpener sharpens your knife in no time without any required skill.

AnySharp Pro is made of very good quality material, the construction is solid and it’s a reassuringly heavy bit of kit. Although it fits perfectly in your hand’s palm, it is very light in weight.

The bottom of AnySharp Knife Sharpener Pro is meant for attaching to a non-porous surface, the suction pad keeps it in a place, fits it in a specific area. It works brilliantly if the gap between the surface and the suction pad is dry. The creators of Anysharp pro give you a lifetime warranty.

What is the difference between AnySharp and AnySharp pro?

These are the differences between AnySharp and AnySharp pro:

Model AnySharp classic AnySharp pro
Brand AnySharp AnySharp
Color  Blue Brushed metal
Material  Plastic Metal
Weight 80 gram 0.14 kilogram
About the product
  • Very old, featureless knives to make cutting simple and safe but not work brilliantly.
  • The unit’s top handle should be facing up. Pull it up if it’s down. It is critical to remember that when using the AnySharp, the lettering on the front should be facing away from you. Place the handle on the surface and lower it.
  • Pretty good, makes food fresh, and improves the presentation, it works brilliantly.
  • It employs tungsten carbide technology, is unique in its capacity to sharpen any type of knife, from high-end hardened steel knives to serrated blades.
Warranty  2-years 10 years
Quality It is made of good quality but not durable. It is made of very clean quality.
Price Check On Amazon Check On Amazon

AnySharp Pro – Review

AnySharp Pro,  the Best Pro Knife Sharpener, works on tungsten carbide technology. It makes your food fresh and healthy and also improves the food presentation. It works brilliantly and is safe to use, makes your cutting safer.


Any sharp pro is made of a very clean quality which makes it durable and long-lasting. It has polymer edges that are very soft than metal which helps the knife from damage and makes cutting easier and safer.


It has a suction base that fits easily on the palm of your hand. It works pretty well if the surface on which it is placed and the suction base is dry. It requires no motors, no electricity, no wires, no pollution, and works long-lasting as well.

AnySharp Pro - Review


AnySharp Pro has many features some of them are discussed here:

  • Hands free-safety: it is very safe to use and requires no skills, it’s a hand-free non-porous surface attached to any surface at your home.
  • Save money: it requires no electricity, no pollution, no noise, and no wires, it reduces your bill and saves money.
  • Long-lasting: it is made of a very clean material that makes it long-lasting and also saves your food.
  • Quick and easy: it sharpens your knife within minutes you just enter the knife in AnySharp pro with light pressure.
  • Technology: it works on tungsten carbide technology that increases your knife lifetime.
  • Material: AnySharp pro is made of metal.
  • Length:6cm
  • Width :5cm


The revolutionary AnySharp Knife Sharpener uses tungsten carbide technology to increase the life of nearly any knife. AnySharp is unlike any knife sharpener, sharpening steel, or sharpening stone you’ve ever used since it works on practically any steel knife, even costly hardened steel knives and serrated blades (like bread knives and hunting knives).

The AnySharp’s one-of-a-kind safety feature is its PowerGrip suction cup base, it is very light in weight and can easily fit in any cupboard, drawer, and toolbox.

How to use AnySharp pro?

How to use AnySharp pro

Do you know how to use AnySharp pro? Here are the following steps that help you to use AnySharp pro to sharpen the knives:

  1. First of all, make sure that the surface on which it is placed and the bottom of the suction pad must be dry so it works easily.
  2. You just have to follow the manual, enter the knife in the AnySharp pro about 3-4 times with light pressure unless your knife is sharpened according to your requirements.
  3. Make sure to remove the waste from the knife after every use. You can do this by using a soft cloth or towel, but if you wash it in the tap water it would work wonders, after washing it don’t forget to dry it. This is crucial because allowing the sharpening region to become clogged might impact the smooth sharpening.
  4. If you find the blade becoming rough when sharpening, just clear the sharpening region.

AnySharp pro-VS AnySharp classic

AnySharp’s classic knife sharpener is made of plastic material having blue color. It sharpens knives in 3-4 light pressure. Its hand-free PowerGrip suction cup base that once attached to a work surface will allow you to sharpen your knife easily without slipping.

The AnySharp Knife Sharpener removes the risk of blade sharpening and makes the cutting quick, easy, and extremely low-cost. Professional cooks may prefer something more durable, but for those who have a drawer full of dull kitchen knives, the AnySharp is a good option.

AnySharp pro-VS AnySharp classic

On the other hand, Anysharp pro knives sharpeners are made of metal with a different variety of colors, more durable than AnySharp classic, easy to handle, required no skill, makes cutting easy and quick. This sharpener is mostly used by professional chefs, as it improves food presentation.

AnySharp takes the time to sharpen your knife while AnySharp Pro sharpens the knives in no time. AnySharp is available at a very cheap price while AnySharp pro is a bit expensive. AnySharp Pro has a perfectly 20degree angle which helps to make your knife blunt sharply effortlessly, unlike AnySharp doesn’t have a 20-degree angle and would not be able to blunt the edges as sharp as AnySharp pro.

But using AnySharp pro you can get very good results but AnySharp classic sharpener does not give you as good results as a pro. The bottom of the suction cup of the pro is exactly fixed at the workplace while in AnySharp needs some pressure to be fixed at a certain place. AnySharp Pro works wonderfully without effort, sharpens your knives perfectly in less time while AnySharp takes some time and little effort.

Any sharp pro knife sharpener pros and cons

  • Tungsten carbide technologyis used in the manufacturing
  • power grip suction bottom
  • Simple to use
  • Very efficient
  • Quick, safe and works brilliantly
  • Perfect 20-degree angle
  • Durable, lightweight, and easily accessible
  • It doesn’t sharpen the thick blade easily
  • A bit pricey for a knife sharpener
  • Can be the slip, if not set from base



How long does AnySharp last?
AnySharp pro remains long-lasting for about 10 years.
How do you sharpen scissors with AnySharp?
The first step in sharpening scissors with a knife sharpener is to disassemble them. Set the knife sharpener on the inner side of the blade. Ten times over a knife sharpener, drag the blade. Replace the blade on the opposite side and repeat the process until your scissor gets sharpened.
What angle are scissors sharpened at?
Scissors must be sharpened at a 40-45degree angle. Once you have set the angle, sharpen the scissor as you sharpen the knife blade.
Can serrated knives be sharpened?
Yes, sharpening serrated knives is possible, but it is not necessary very often. The pointy teeth of a serrated knife do most of the job. Because there is less friction, the blade stays sharper for longer for many years.



AnySharp Pro knife sharpener is a very brilliant, effective gadget. It works quickly, is safe to use and its suction cup base works great. It not only sharpens the knife but also scissors and other is durable and long-lasting too.